Killian by Toni Kelly


Book: Killian

Series: The syndicate Finale

Author: Toni Kelly

Genre: Mafia Romance


With the truth finally out, my brothers and I think we are closing in on our enemies. Bringing us closer to ending those that are trying to destroy us.

We think we have a handle on things. We think we’re in control.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

My focus slips a little and in one night, my world stops spinning.

My enemy steals the one thing from me that means the most.

Bringing me to my knees.

I do the only thing I can to stop myself from going crazy. I take off with an ally, leaving my brothers behind to hold down the fort.

I know they want me home; I know they want to help. But our lives have spiralled, and I need to regain some control.

I spend weeks tearing the world apart to find the very thing I’ve lost.

I only have two goals.

Find her!

Destroy him!

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About The Author

Toni is a romance author from the North East of England. 

She specialises in the darker side. And loves nothing more that getting lost in a good story. 

Toni has always dreamt of writing and knowing she has some much to share in 2020 she decided she had nothing to lose. 

When Toni is not writing or reading she can be found spending time with her family.

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