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Heresy Series: Antihero Inferno #4 by Lily White

  Title: Heresy Series: Antihero Inferno #4 Author: Lily White Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: April 26, 2023 Sixth Circle Heresy Also Known as Shane Carter There are no rules with this man. No courtesies. No acceptable behaviors he’ll conform to in order to be accepted. He marches to his own beat. Gives the finger to expectations. And does whatever pleases him because nobody can control him. Arrogant. Aggravating. Absolute Chaos. Shane is the last person you want walking into your world. It’s too bad he walked into mine. Now I can’t get rid of him. Not that I’m sure I want to. He wants something from me. He’s playing a game. And every time we come together, I can’t help feeling like I’m dancing with the Devil. It all started with a chance meeting. With the exchange of a few angry words. And now that I’m trapped in this man’s maze, I fear I won’t be strong enough to resist being seduced. *** Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots th

Marked by Sin (The Gatekeeper Chronicles 1) by Debbie Cassidy

        Title: Marked by Sin (The Gatekeeper Chronicles 1) Author: Debbie Cassidy Genre: PNR, Urban Fantasy Publication Date: Mar. 4 th , 2021 Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: An assassin’s work is never done.   With forty-nine hits under my assassin belt, ascension is one kill away. Better pay and a swanky flat in Soho are all part of the deal. All I need to do to achieve my goal is take out one more scumbag.   No big deal.   Until it is.   When a man with golden eyes and epic wings interrupts my ascension ceremony, everything I knew to be true is turned on its head.   I’m a weapon.   A key.   And I’m one kill away from unlocking the gates to the underworld and unleashing a legion of demons.   It’s time to atone and fast.   But atonement comes with its own price. Problem is, I’m not sure I’m up to paying it. FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Debbie Cassidy lives in England, Bedfordshire, with her thr

If You Love Me by Ciara Knight

    Title: If You Love Me Author: Ciara Knight Genre: Clean Romance, Contemporary Romance Hosted by:  Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: Ex-Army sergeant, Drew Lancaster demands order, but when he’s thrust into small-town politics involving crazy elders and a manipulative mayor he finds himself submerged in chaos. His only hope to navigate the strange rules of the town comes from a distractingly beautiful, mess of a woman - Carissa Donahue.   As a small town girl, Carissa lives her life on a whim and a prayer. Even in the kitchen she never uses a recipe, yet her sweets are known as the best throughout the South. She has no desire to be a part of Drew’s show, but she knows it’s the town’s best option to increase tourism during a troubling economic time. If there isn't an upturn, she'll have to close her bakery. She can’t lose it. Owning a bakery has been her lifelong dream, and her focus since her best friend ran away with her fiancĂ©.   The icing on the project for Drew is that a colleague