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Cabin Cohabitation by Shyla Colt

    Title: Cabin Cohabitation Author: Shyla Colt Genre: Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance Publication Date: May 25 th , 2021 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: Cut off from his funds after standing up to his overbearing grandfather, Dylan Garcia finds himself in dire straits. Co-habituating with his female bestie, he finds himself enrolled in a crash course on budgeting, co-habitation, and life outside the family business. The cozy living space creates an intimacy that has him seeing his sexy roommate in a new light. Asking her to be with him when his future is uncertain is madness, but ignoring his shifting emotions is impossible.    When a faulty hot water heater ruins her apartment, Ellie Inam is lucky enough to rent a home from a friend. Unable to afford the spacious property on her own, she invites her male wingman to be her roomie. She didn’t anticipate the havoc his presence would cause her body and mind. Seeing him with new eyes has her wondering what if. With

Dark Queen by Ker Dukey

        DARK QUEEN by Ker Dukey Release Date: June 28th Genre/Trope: Mafia Romance Cover Designer: The Pretty Little Design Co   Add to Goodreads:   Preorder is AVAILABLE! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU:         BLURB He was my boss. Rich, ambitious, dominating. I was a waitress, struggling to pay the fees for ballet school. Poor, talented, desperate. He needed to marry to appease his dying father, to inherit the family empire. It wasn’t supposed to be real, or forever. Until he changed the rules. What Mafia king Luca Leto wants, he gets, and he’s crowned his queen. Me. I’m under his rule now. And his reign is cruel and toxic. They call him the dark king and to gain my freedom I’m going to have to become a dark queen.         About t

Lakeside Retreat by Shyla Colt

    Title: Lakeside Retreat Author: Shyla Colt Genre: Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance Publication Date: May 18 th , 2021 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: Settle down with a wife or lose his position as a future partner in the family law firm. The stakes are high, and the terms are clear for playboy bachelor Angel Garcia. Forced to choose between a ball and chain and being cut off, he makes a plan to have his cake and eat it, too ... a contract marriage.   Green witch Clarabelle King has always dreamed of taking over Whispering Acres. The lakeside retreat is a family legacy. When she finds out from her grandparents that they’re one hundred thousand dollars in debt, and the bank is ready to foreclose, she’s forced to resort to desperate measures. One powerful manifestation spell sends her on a path straight out of a soap opera.   Has fate conspired to bring them together, or will they simply fulfill their contract and go their separate ways? NOW LIVE! USA Today

His Haven by Harper A. Brooks

     Title: His Haven Author: Harper A. Brooks Genre: Paranormal Romance Cover Designer: Trif book design Publication Date: May 6 th , 2021 Hosted by:  Lady Amber's PR Blurb: She was never meant to be his…   Avrum Brenin should have died in the same fire that claimed the lives of his mother and brother. Instead, he was granted immortality by the powerful vampire, Lord Henri. Under his diligent care, Avrum revels in the world’s most lavish splendors. But as payment for this extravagant lifestyle, he must look after Haven, Lord Henri’s human rescue. A task that proves far more complicated than it seems.   After stumbling onto Haven barely clothed and bound at the wrists, Avrum discovers that Lord Henri may not be the salvation he once believed. While the more time he spends with Haven, the more determined he becomes to protect her.   When the passion between them ignites, Avrum finds himself caught between honor and loyalty. Will he stand with the man who rescued him? Or risk it all

Moon Sight by Britni Hill

    Title: Moonlit Sight Author: Britni Hill Genre: Paranormal Romance Cover Designer: MiblArt Cover Design Publication Date: May 4 th , 2021 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: What’s a girl to do when she loses her job, her best friend goes missing, and she starts to see, hear and feel things that aren’t there?   Moonlight Grove is a small, peaceful town full of familiar faces. It’s perfect. Until my best friend, Lucy Warren, goes missing.   Enter Simon Caldwell.   The man is attractive. A bit mysterious, and a new face in my sleepy little town. He’s a paranormal investigator who’s come to Moonlight Grove looking into reports of the supernatural kind. It all sounds like good TV to me. When I begin experiencing things I can’t explain, he may be the only one who can help.   Maybe there’s more to Lucy than meets the eye. What if her disappearance is linked to all the crazy things happening?   With Simon’s help, I’m determined to find her