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Saving Infiniti by Rose Garcia

Title: Saving Infiniti Author: Rose Garcia Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Publication Date: December 14 th , 2018 Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Welcome to Havenwood Falls, a small town in the majestic mountains of Colorado. A town where legacies began centuries ago, bloodlines run deep, and dark secrets abound. A town where nobody is what you think, where truths pose as lies, and where myths blend with reality. A place where everyone has a story. Including the high schoolers. This is only but one… Infiniti Clausman is making the most of senior year. Throwing parties, pulling pranks, and breaking all the rules, she’s determined to graduate with a bang! But there’s one thing on her senior year bucket list she hasn’t been able to cross off yet—falling in love. In fact, she’s never even been kissed. Infiniti hopes to change this when she travels from Houston to Colorado for the holiday break. Instead, she finds her

Dirty Gambit by Airicka Phoenix

Title: Dirty Gambit A uthor: Airicka Phoenix Genre:  Dark Romance Cover Designer:  Airicka’s Mystical Creations Publication Date: March 29 th , 2018 Hosted by:  Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR Blurb: For a girl with no family, no job and a rap sheet as long as her arm, eighteen-year-old Angelina Ramos never stood a chance at happiness. So, when her blood is found at the scene of a robbery that ends with three dead, Lena does the only thing a foster kid knows how to do — she runs. But she’s not going alone. Jaxon Westwick has never met anyone as fierce, beautiful, or haunted as Lena . . . or as crazy. No one else has ever seduced him into handcuffs just to kidnap him, hold him hostage, and drag him clear across the country. But Lena’s on a mission to find peace and nothing is going to stop her, not the cops, not the mob boss out for her blood, and definitely not her gorgeous hostage, no matter how he tempted her. After all, how could someone like her e

Dream of Her Heart by Shanna Hatfield

Title: Dream of Her Heart Author: Shanna Hatfield Genre: Historical Romance Publication Date: September 27 th , 2018 Hosted by:  Lady Amber’s PR Blurb:  Is there room for love in a time of war? Days before he must ship out to prepare for a dangerous mission in the Pacific, Lieutenant Zane West crosses Oregon to see a good friend who has been wounded in action. He arrives at the veteran’s hospital, only to discover the army captain has disappeared without a trace. As Zane searches for answers, he finds himself captivated by a beautiful and spunky nurse who offers her help. Is she the key to his future, or an unwelcome distraction from his important wartime mission? Nurse Billie Brighton puts her heart and boundless energy into caring for wounded soldiers, but she vowed long ago never to let one of the dashing rogues turn her head. That is, until a handsome lieutenant arrives seeking his missing friend. Thoroughly enchanted, she can’t help but break her own ru

The Storm Series by M. Stratton

Title: The Storm Series Author: M. Stratton Genre: Romantic Suspense Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR Blurb: Book One of The Storm Series Alexia “Lexi” Hanson moved across the country to rebuild her life after the attack that almost destroyed her. She enjoys the simple things in her beach cottage. Life is finally complete. Noah Matthews is Rock & Roll’s hottest star and on top of the world. After years without a break he finds the solitude he craves at his beach house. Enjoying his early morning coffee, Noah is surprised to see his neighbor sneak into his garden and crawl around. They never saw that fateful morning coming. Someone was watching them. Someone who thought Lexi belonged to him and would stop at nothing to have her. Lives are changed forever when they meet amongst the blooms in his garden. Even when things seem darkest, there is always light After the Storm. Blurb: Evie Taylor loves her life in Boston,

Perversion by T. M. Frazier

“ T.M. Frazier sucked me in from the very first page and then slayed me with the end of Perversion. This trilogy is EPIC! ” — Meghan March, New York Times bestselling author PERVERSION, book one in the Perversion Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author T.M. Frazier is live! Love is supposed to be a fairy tale. Ours is a death wish. I'm the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood. She's a con artist working for my greatest enemy. I use her. She manipulates me. We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war. My heart and head tell me I have to stay away. My lust for her doesn't give a sh*t. Nothing's fair in love and gang war. PERVERSION IS BOOK ONE IN THE PERVERSION TRILOGY BOOK TWO: POSSESSION BOOK THREE: PERMISSION Download your copy of PERVERSION Amazon: iBooks: Amazon Worldwide: Nook: Kobo: https:/

The Vault: Redemption Part 6 by Kate Benson

Title: Redemption Part Six Author: Kate Benson Genre: Contemporary Romance Editor: Chasing Sophie Publications Cover Designer: Dana Leah at Designs by Dana Publication Date: September 24 th , 2018 Hosted by:  Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR Blurb: ***This book contains material intended for mature readers*** ADAM I said I’d never let things go this far, but a taken heart can also be a deceptive one. Being with Bella has turned my life upside down. Now, I’m on the verge of losing everything I’ve ever worked for, including the love of my life. I’ve fought for her, bled myself into us. The board has come for us, our stalker is waiting, and the media continues to fuel the fire. What began with a chance of redemption will end the same. I think I always knew it would. I just never thought I’d be fighting for her redemption instead of mine. ISABELLA Despite my insecurities, Adam has never left my side. Now, he’s facing the lo