Journey Into Darkness by Ali Reynolds



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Journey into darkness... 
Book 2 of the journey trilogy 
Lia Deynes’ journey into the BDSM world has changed her life. What should have been a loving and trusting relationship with her Dom has turned into a nightmare full of lies and deceit. For reasons beyond her knowledge, Lia is being trained for a new Master; a plan that has been meticulously drawn and followed for years. As her training progresses, Lia falls into a darkness that not only causes her to forget who she is but to turn her into the person that they designed her to be. When familiar faces start to appear, will Lia be brought back to reality or be forever lost to the darkness?
Warning: Strong sexual content including BDSM play and punishment, M/F/M and F/F play. A darker read than Journey into Danger. Cliffhanger leading into Book 3 of a 3 book series. Ages 18+




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Ali's first book Journey into Danger follows the story of Lia Deynes first adventure into the BDSM world. What makes Ali's work a little different is that she incorporates real experiences as a submissive into each of her books. Add a lot of imagination, a little darkness and some twists and turns and you will recognize Ali's work. She is currently working on her second book of the Journey Trilogy, Journey into Darkness. Her work can be quite explicit so it's definitely for ages 18+.

When Ali is not writing, she is busy being a mom to two fantastic children, taking care of her mom and her dog (which used to be her dog!) and chatting with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She rarely sleeps, so you can catch her online almost any time of the day or night. Her Facebook Author page is full of Hotties, Tasty Recipes, Slightly twisted humor and updates on her upcoming work. So stop by any of the following sites and say hello. 


This a dark BDSM read. It will not be for everyone, so proceed with caution. 
I enjoyed this book. It continues off where Journey into Danger left off. Lia has been kidnaped, we find out who Sir was. But now it gets a bit more interesting. Lia is being groomed for a Master. I did get a little more insight on who is behind all of it, just not exactly why. 
Then we have Molly who is trying to figure out why Lia just disappeared. 
Molly ends up right where Lia is. 
There lives or some how connected and they are paying a debt they had no idea they owed.

Like I said this is a dark BDSM read. If you enjoy these type of books, give it a try. 

Happy Reading!


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