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Torturous by L. L. Hunter

Title: Torturous Author: L.L. Hunter  Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Story Styling Cover Designs Publication Date: August 31st, 2019 Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Hayley never fit in. She’s not the kind of girl others want to be friends with. She’s clumsy, quirky and best friends with the librarian. So how come the hot new substitute teacher thinks she’s worthy of conversation? Hayley hides in the library between classes because it’s where she feels comfortable – her safe haven where she can hide from the world. Until her save haven becomes the place of rumours and rendezvous. Milo wasn’t looking for romance. When he took the part time teaching position at the local college, he only wants to put his head down and focus on his career. But love found him amongst the book stacks. Soon, Hayley becomes the object of all his thoughts, and their romance becomes the subject of all the college gossip. Whispers and side glances were something Hayley and Milo thought they’d escape in colle…

Kylest’S Reign by Michelle Dare

Title: Kylest’s Reign Author: Michelle Dare Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design Publication Date: August 30th, 2019 Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR Blurb: As fae prince, Kylest, treated protecting his people as a sacred honor and duty. His sister’s unexplained disappearance dealt a blow to his heart and pride. He would leave no stone unturned in his search for her. Raven, a common fae, never dreamed Prince Kylest would ask her to help find the princess. Turning him down never crossed her mind. For Raven, a chance to serve the royal family was a special privilege. They searched high and low, spending every moment together. Kylest tried to stay focused, but somewhere along the way, Raven became more than just a friend. He wanted more. He wanted her to be his. Fate worked in mysterious ways, even if it had terrible timing. The princess was still missing. Chaos erupted. Enemies resurfaced. The only way Kylest and Raven would emerge unscathed was to …

The Vault Redemption Part One by Kate Benson

Title: Redemption Part One           Author: Kate Benson Genre: Contemporary Romance Editor: Chasing Sophie Publications Cover Designer: Dana Leah at Designs by Dana Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR Blurb: *This book contains content intended for mature readers* Isabella After a humiliating breakup, I’m not afraid to admit my personal life has taken one hell of a hit. I’ve allowed myself time to lick my wounds and I’m not only confident my nights alone on the couch are numbered, I’ve got a solid plan for the first time in months. Focus on work, don’t worry about the rest. The last thing I need in my life right now is another complication. I’ve convinced myself it’s a flawless plan. I just have to stay off Adam Avery’s radar and I’ll be fine. Now that I’ve met him, I’m not sure I want to be anywhere else. Adam I’ve been my father’s best kept dirty secret for more than three decades. When my uncle, the CEO of Avery Finance, is forced into early retirement, he appoints me as his unlikely suc…

The Billionaire Book Club by Max Monroe

It’s safe to say that I, Caplin Hawkins, the man most women would call The Ultimate Player, have finally met my match, and man oh man, has my end game changed. The Billionaire Book Club, an all-new hilarious romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe, is coming September 12th and we have the steamy cover! The Billionaire Book Club Questionnaire #1: Who is your least favorite character in the book? Me—Caplin Hawkins. I am an absolute idiot. #2: Who is your favorite character? Gorgeous, addictive, insanely challenging Ruby. She’s smart, driven, self-confident, and so beautiful, she makes my chest ache. #3 What is your biggest takeaway from the story? Ruby Rockford and I are meant to be. I just have to prove it to her. For the entirety of my adult life, I’ve been content. Content in my single lifestyle, content in my stressful-but-extremely-successful job as the main corporate counsel for almost every Fortune 500 company in North America, and content in my playful, spontaneou…

Abandon by Rachel Van Dyken

We are beyond excited to be sharing this release from Rachel Van Dyken with you today! ABANDON is part of her Seaside Pictures series and it is releasing as part of 1001 Dark Nights. It just went live today! Check out an excerpt and book trailer from the title below. Click here to grab your copy now.
Purchase your copy of ABANDON today!Amazon USAmazon Universal:
About ABANDON: From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a new story in her Seaside Pictures series… It’s not every day you're slapped on stage by two different women you've been dating for the last year. I know what you're thinking. What sort of ballsy woman gets on stage and slaps a rockstar? Does nobody have self-control anymore? It may have been the talk of the Grammy's. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that. I, Ty Cuban, was taken down by two psychotic women in front of the entire world. Lucky for us the audience thought it was part of the breakup song…

When Wishes Bleed byCasey L. Bond

Title: When Wishes Bleed Author: Casey L. Bond Genre: YA Fantasy Editor: Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens/ The Illustrated Author Design Services Publication Date: November 1st, 2019 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: One Prince. One Witch. One Fate. The upheaval in my life began the moment a prince stumbled into my house and asked me to read his fortune. Any other night, I might have made an excuse to get him to leave, but this was no normal visit. My fingers prickled to touch him. So, I granted his request by handing him a single wishbone. When he snapped it, the wish … bled. Hearing me suck in a shocked breath, he asked what it meant. Such an ominous omen could only mean one thing: his death was imminent. Fate revealed that he wouldn’t die of natural causes. Someone wanted him dead. Stunned by the revelation, the man I now knew as Prince Tauren disappeared into a night I feared he wouldn’t survive. The following day, I received an invitation to the c…

Tempting Little Tease by J. Kenner

She’s a temptation I just can’t resist... Tempting Little Tease, a sexy, new standalone from New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner, is available now! My business is security. I protect other people—sometimes at my own expense. It’s the only way to explain how I got talked into playing fake fiancé for my best friend’s little sister. Now I’m seeing little Samantha Watson through new eyes. Instead of the little girl I used to tease, I’m up close and personal with a stunning woman whose curves and heat and heart-stopping smile rocket straight to my heart, not to mention parts south. I’ve never minded going above and beyond for a job. Except playing the smitten lover doesn’t feel like acting anymore. Despite all my experience, I’m the one who forgot to secure my heart. The only rule for this job was to walk away at the end. But maybe this time—for the first time—I’m going to break the rules. Download your copy today! Amazon: AppleBooks: Amazon Worldwide: http…

Park Avenue Player by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Park Avenue Player
Release date September 23, 2019
A Standalone Contemporary Romance
New York Times Bestselling Authors Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland


It started out like any normal day.

Then the fender bender happened.

The guy I collided with drove an expensive car and was drop-dead gorgeous. Too bad he was also a total jerk. We argued over whose fault it was and any other thing that came out of his condescending mouth.
Eventually, the police came and we went our separate ways. The insurance companies would have to figure things out. I had a job interview to get to anyway—one I was excited about.

Though that excitement changed to disappointment the moment the person interviewing me walked in. The guy from the accident.


Yeah, so I didn’t get the position.

The problem was, I really wanted it. No, I needed it. Anything to get me out of my current career and back into working with kids.

So, even though Hollis LaCroix was as intimidating as he was devastatingly handsome, I went back …