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Tequila High by M. Leighton

BLURB: Haley Brandt isn’t the one-night-stand type, but too much tequila and a man with two sinfully black eyes left her breathless and willing to break her own rules. Her only solace was the fact that she’d never see him again. Until the next morning when she finds out he’s her ride out of town and back to the ranch where she grew up.   Nixon Holt works with Haley’s father, so Haley makes her position clear—she doesn’t get involved with ranch employees. Ever.  At nineteen, she’d learned her lesson the hard way, and it became her one unbreakable rule. But Nixon makes hisposition clear, too: He’s going to wear down Haley’s defenses and he won’t stop until she breaks all her rules for him. He’s well on his way when Haley finds out the one thing that could make her hate him. Nixon is left with two choices: walk away or break all his rules for her. ADD TO GOODREADS SHELF: SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER FOR EXCLUSIVE

New York TimesUSA…

All Of Me by A. L. Jackson

All of MeA stand-alone forbidden romance in A.L. Jackson's Confessions of the Heart Series... Coming December 3rd
Cover: RBA Designs Model: Micah P. Truitt OMG YOU GUYS!! I am so thrilled and excited to share the ALL OF ME cover - my favorite cover in all of history! I love it soooo much - it's the absolute perfect representation of Ian Jacobs, whose story is also one of my favorite I've written. It's all just...magic! I can't wait to share it all with you on December 3rd!  Are you ready to fall in love with Ian Jacobs?  #IanisLIFE DETAILS:  TITLE: ALL OF ME SERIES: A Confessions of the Heart Stand-Alone Novel  RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 3RD, 2018 People call me callous. Arrogant. Ruthless.
I call myself tenacious.
One of the most powerful attorneys in Charleston, I don’t let anyone or anything stand in my way.
Until a chance encounter changes everything.

One glance.
One touch.
One night.
It only leaves me wanting more.

But Grace is off limits. Most people would even say…

Twisted Love by R Linda

Title: Twisted Love Author: R. Linda Genre: Romantic Suspense Editor: Lori Whitwam Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Running. It's what I do. What I've always done. For fitness. For fun. And now for fear. He took me. Trapped me. Destroyed me. Broke me down, little by little. His captive. His slave. His pet. But...something unleashes. Something forbidden. The passion. The pleasure. It's wrong. Unforgiving, and I should do what I do. Run like Hell. From this Twisted Love. R. Linda drinks wine and writes books. A coffee addicted, tattoo enthusiastic fangirl with a slight obsession for a particular British boy band and solo artist, she is a writer of Contemporary YA/NA Romance and Suspense, sometimes dabbling in Paranormal as well. Renee lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two sons. When not writing she can often be found reading books to her children and cuddling up with them on the couch to watch their favourite movies. Author Links: Website:…

Fighting to Save Us by Sarah Stevens

Title: Fighting to Save Us Author: Sarah Stevens Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Melissa Gill Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Bren One call. One word. And the life I envisioned crumbles around me. I was happy, living life to the fullest. Then I get the news that changes my life, destroys my plans. As I prepare for the fight of my life, I wonder if I will ever find the happiness I deserve? No one knows my secret. Not even Max. I want him to be the one, I need his arms to hold me, to tell me it’s all going to be alright. But I do the only thing I know, I push him away, to save him. Max One touch. One kiss. I knew I had to protect her at all costs. Running from a past that haunts me, my duty has lead me to her. She’s a glimpse of the life I could have, a taste of hope, after the life I’ve lost. But everything isn’t always as it seems. Bren’s keeping secrets and I fear they could do more damage than any rivalry ever could. She needs me to save her, she just doesn’t know it yet.…

Kismet by Sienna Grant

Book: Kismet
Series: Soulmates 3
Author: Sienna Grant
Genre: M/M Romance
Cover By: Obsessed By Books Designs
Hosted By: Francesscas PR & Design


Most people I knew had their whole lives planned out from a young age. In some ways, I did too.
I was career minded, wanting to follow in my father's footsteps, but there was something unorthodox about me. Being a twin and having three brothers, I knew I was the odd one out. I always shrunk back and let them take over...
While they were eyeing up girls, I had my head stuck in a book.
I was always different, the complex one, I thought that was all it was.

Sometimes life doesn't take the path you planned and you have to take life as it comes; the good, the bad and the complicated. When I met him, it was like my world aligned. I suddenly understood why I never fit the mould.
On the path to self discovery, I found my kismet: my destiny.
Who was I to question fate?

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Vow by Bethany-Kris

VOWby Bethany-KrisAndino + Haven, #2 Publication Date: November 5, 2018 Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance
Cover Credits:Mykel Mignon at Oh So Novel
SYNOPSISThey say it’s always the one you least expect … Andino Marcello made his choices—the right ones for duty and famiglia. But even the right choices have consequences. He’s never been more aware of that fact than he is now. The thing is, Andino isn’t the same man he once was. The mafia wants what it wants. He’ll push until they all break. Even her. They say love shouldn’t hurt … Haven Murphy needs to move on—from her pain and the man who caused it. But the faster she tries to run, the more things stay the same. She never thought it would end like this for them. The thing is, Haven isn’t the same woman she once was. The heart wants what it wants. She’ll fight until it all lets go. Even him. How far will he go for love?All the way to the very bitter end. That’s his vow.
EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: VOW“They have to answ…

Pieces of You by Kate Benson

Title: Pieces of You Author: Kate Benson Genre: Contemporary Romance Editor: Chasing Sophie Publications Cover Designer: Sean Benson at NativeSon Designs Publication Date: October 29th, 2018 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR Blurb: ***This book contains material intended for mature readers*** Ava When I left behind my simple life and the small town that held it after graduation, I had perfect guy and the future I’d always dreamed of. I never imagined he’d become my worst nightmare. I got away from him, but since I’ve come home, all that remains is the broken girl who ran away all those years ago. Suddenly, this town seems so much smaller than it ever did before. With my dad gone and a decade full of regret behind me, I’ve never felt more alone in the world. It isn’t until I meet my dad’s neighbor and her son, Nate, that I begin to feel anything. They say you can’t go home again. I never believed that until I tried. Nate I’ve lived in this town my whole life and have loved it since the day I was…

My Salvation by Michelle Dare

Title: My Salvation Author: Michelle Dare Genre: Contemporary Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR Blurb: Caliana Crawford is smart, sexy and unemployed. After quitting her mediocre job, she finds herself in need of a break. She goes to the one place that holds her most precious memories, her cabin by the lake. Life hasn’t always been easy for Cali. She lost someone close to her, was betrayed by her lover, and now she only wants to escape reality. What she doesn’t plan on is her sexy neighbor, who has an agenda of his own. Owen Matthews goes through the motions every day, but knows his life is missing one essential part – Cali. He has never forgotten about the summers he spent by the lake with the gorgeous brunette. When he sees she is back to stay, Owen knows he can’t let her slip through his fingers again. Others think he has it all with owning a multimillion dollar company, but what they don’t know is that he would give it all up to have her in his arms and his bed. The r…

Maggie by Mya O’Malley

Title: Maggie Author: Mya O’Malley Narrator: Emily Ember Genre: Paranormal Mystery/ Romance Cover Designer: Jena Brignola Producer: The Audio Flow, LLC Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR Blurb: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to share your home with an unearthly spirit who can’t find closure? Living on the edge of a cemetery with souls dating back to the 1700s would be enough to spook anyone, but Naomi finds it oddly romantic, and becomes inspired to write her next novel. Why not, when her muse, Maggie, calls to her from beyond her own window? After all, the story couldn't possibly be as complicated as Naomi's own love life. Torn between Ryan, the mysterious and seemingly perfect man she just started dating, and Bryce, the sexy single dad who recently moved in next door, Naomi must navigate the tangled web of dating—all while trying to solve the mystery of Maggie's death. When things turn dangerous, Naomi quickly learns whom she can trust and, more importantl…