Flawed and Damaged by Emily Krat

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 22 July, 2014.

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Two people haunted by their past…
The collision of two damaged hearts…
Meet Elizabeth Williams. She is at the airport on an important work assignment. If everything goes smoothly, after three years of hard work, she’ll get a promotion and a much-needed raise. Elizabeth is putting her life back on track after it was ripped out from under her feet four years ago when she lost her parents along with all her dreams. Standing here, she believes her life is going to change for the better any moment now. Nothing can go wrong, right?
Meet Ryan Price. He came to Moscow on business. Right now, Ryan is standing at the airport looking at a ‘present’ from his brother, judging by the sign a beautiful young woman is holding. Damn his brother for not cancelling this arrangement as Ryan asked.
Miscommunications and misunderstandings and a brilliant love story begins.
There will be a scary flight, lovely breakfasts, long evening conversations, sharing a secret or two, discovering one another, a lot of laughter, tender moments and some tears, a fight and, of course, the I-am-ready-for-the-end-of-the-world kiss.
Somewhere along the way, they won’t be able to fight their feelings any longer.
For the first time in his life, Ryan will experience a different shade of lust. And for the first time in her life, Elizabeth will have to trust despite all of the times she has been hurt.
Will these two wounded lost souls find love, peace and comfort in each other or will they just break each other more? Is it a train wreck of a love story or a happily ever after?


About the Author:

Emily Krat lives with her loving husband and her wild imagination. Always an avid reader who consumes whole books in a single day, she is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page. For her writing stories and developing ideas for novels is a true passion and a dream come true.
Emily is a chocolate junkie, Grey’s Anatomy fan, and admirer of good music. She loves summer rains, warm blankets on cold winter nights, as well as traveling, sleeping in late, watching TV shows, cooking, and baking. When she’s not writing or rewriting, she loves spending time with family and friends.
Emily loves to hear from readers. To get write to her directly at emilykratauthor@gmail.com

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“I just feel like I’m on the edge of the cliff I am afraid to be shoved over, so I’m trying to find something, to hold on to some straw, but maybe in the process I am hurting that straw.”
Suddenly Ryan is cupping my face in his hands, drawing our faces closer, forcing me to meet his eyes. And the intensity in them makes my whole body week.
“Baby, your constant fight for your grandmother is worth admiring, but you need to try to think about yourself. Your self-destruction is not an option, Liz. Now you have me, and I won’t let you fall from that cliff. You’ll be safe. I promise.” Unable to summon any restraint, I press a soft kiss against Ryan’s check.
No matter how perfect things are between us, this will end soon. We’ll return to our lives. What’s most important is that only I can fix myself. This is on me to try to make something meaningful out of my life.
Ryan brushes his lips over mine in consolation and then says, “It’s cold, let’s get inside.”
When we enter the house, Ryan leads me to the couch in the living area, then brings a soft afghan and pulls it over me.
“I found it in the closet.”
He walks over to the marble fireplace and takes his time building a fire. I trace his every move with my eyes, trying to commit everything to memory. I might also do some ogling of his cute butt, shown off nicely in blue jeans.
When Ryan turns to me, his arms are folded. “Are you blaming yourself for being here with me instead of being by your Granny’s side?”
“No, Ryan. I’m not.” My answer is truthful. I feel a little guilty, but it’s who I am. I always overthink everything. “I put my own life on hold, on the second plan so many times, that it’s … It’s weird to enjoy life without feeling guilty, but you need to know I haven’t been so happy in my entire life, Ryan. You make me deliriously happy.”
“Want me to see if we have a hot cocoa to raise your mood?”
Staring into the burning embers and flames licking the wood, I think of something else that can cheer us both up. “I want something else.”
“Anything, just say a word.”
“Make love to me, Ryan.” I want him to take charge not only of my body, but also of my feelings and my senses.
Ryan complies without hesitation. We undress each other slowly, layers of clothing coming off until we are skin to skin. And then he makes sweet love to me on the plush carpet in front of the fireplace. The man I love takes his time with me, his fingers paying particular attention to all the right places, kissing me everywhere, making me crazy with sexy whispers and intense stares. I do the same with him, memorizing his every line, every inch with my lips and hands.
The intense need, red-hot need, takes over every cell in my body, every space in my mind. I surrender myself to physical desire. And the heat of our passion leaves no space for grief and regrets.
Before we fall asleep nearly at dawn, Ryan murmurs in my ear, “I’ve never been so happy in my entire life, either, Liz.”

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