Feeding Dragons by Catherine Rose

(short story) erotica/horror/shapeshifter

On Amazon amzn.to/1IVNdUc 

When newly minted nuclear inspector Abby O’Rourke arrives at the inspection site she encounters a man who is beautiful, intimidating and badly damaged after exposure from the core melt down. Thrown into situation beyond her control she does not hesitate when she realizes that her life is stake. 

Ryūjin is not the man he was, nor is he like any other she has ever known but her life is in his hands. Tormented by demons and consumed by the need to find a cure he takes Abby into his arms changing them both forever.

Quote from inside the book

“I know you have no reason to trust me but you must. Your life depends on it.” His mouth formed the words and only holding my breath allowed me to hear him for he had lowered his voice yet again as if in desperation to keep his words from the dangerous minds behind the glass that watched our every movement. I wanted so badly to believe he would keep me safe but as he raised a dark cloth over my head I gasped. He held it outstretched between clenched fists so I could see it, giving me a smile that did nothing to allay my fears.
“I can offer you this. It might be better especially in the beginning…”

Catherine Rose


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