Embracing Embers by Nadège Richards

Series: The Bleeding Heart Trilogy (Prequel)
Publisher: Permuted Press:
Expected Release: March 31st


They were never meant to survive.

Six years before the Day of Reckoning, before King Cyrus, magick was forbidden. The bastard son of a tyrant ruler, Kahl Zimmerman, has now lost everything and everyone to the fear of what he is. Oracles of foresight are shunned and burned in a world surging with destitution and lies—every oracle but him. Kahl’s only hope for redemption was lost to a cruel fate, and when a group of insurgents known as the Elehites invade the city, he is determined to wreak havoc on his enemies, even if he becomes the destruction of himself.

What begins as a rebellion to save his people ends in a violent war no one can escape from. The lines between love and hate are obscure and Kahl will discover that the past…doesn’t always remain in the past. The lies run deeper, the blood flows thicker, and the name behind the true enemy is far darker than he first believed.


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