Hell's Ink by Nicole Reed

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In this Brotherhood you live or die by the three-piece patch. For Hold Dawson, Vice-President of the Hells Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, it’s not just black ink tattooed on his body, but the religion he worships, and the law that governs his life. Nothing else matters. Family by choice and not by blood. More sacred than a shared name. Bound by respect. Loyal to death.

Unity.        Respect.

Love.        Devotion.


But there’s another side to this life. One the President, Hold’s own father, lives and regulates by.

Merciless. Wrathful.

Murderous.        Dishonest.


It’s blood in and blood out and only one man gets to be king.

               Hell’s Ink is LIVE!  

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Excerpt: Meet Hold

He watched her slender artist’s hand caress her taut, tattooed abdomen, instantly jealous that it wasn’t his own blunt fingers that idly drifted across her silky flesh. Her eyes flickered with awareness to where he stood at the end of the bed watching her. It only made his balls draw up tight. His rock-hard erection jutted outward, thick and long. He couldn’t halt his hand from massaging it with slow, steady jerks. His teeth burrowed painfully into his bottom lip. - Hell's Ink

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Additional Books in this Series

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       Beautiful Ink (Book One) 

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Kobo: http://bit.ly/1xEDMSw

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1xEEZZS

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1unPmAe

Author Information


Nicole Reed is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Ruining You.  She is a true Southern girl, enjoying life with her husband and three children in the peachy state of Georgia.  As a child, she discovered another world between the pages of a book and that has lead to her dream job as a writer.  In 2012, she self-published her first book Ruining Me, and then followed it with Ruining You, Cake, and Wasted Heart.  Her books have also been listed on the overall Top 100 Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling list.  She is represented by Ginger Clark with Curtis Brown, LTD.

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