Through infinity Libby Austin

Life is a funny thing. It has many different meanings. Webster’s Dictionary lists twenty one different definitions for the noun form alone. People describe it in various ways. What constitutes life has been debated and argued over in living rooms, on the streets, and in courtrooms for decades. People have died to save life, and others have killed for the very same reason. I think most people can agree that life holds value, even when they can’t agree what the value is. Is there anything more valuable than the thing you lost once it’s returned? Is it appreciated more upon its reappearance? When the shininess of its recovery wears off, will its greater significance remain or dull over time? I’ve pondered these questions and quite a few more over the course of the past months. I’ve had a lot of time to think and a lot of empty space to fill up. I’d like to think the challenges I’ve faced made me stronger, if not a few pounds lighter. There should be something to show for the hard work and dedication we’d all put in. What I know is that life is a fleeting, precious gift that should never be taken for granted. Didn’t someone important say, ‘That’s why today is called the present’? No? Maybe I read it in a greeting card, but the sentiment remains the same no matter who coined the phrase. Don’t get so caught up in what’s going on around you that you forget to appreciate everything, including the stuff that seems like nothing. You never know when the most mundane occurrence will become the most significant. It’s a lesson I’ve taken to heart, because, to paraphrase Reba, ‘The heart won’t lie.’

I woke up one day and everything I knew had changed, not just changed, it had disappeared into a clouded ether of tangled thoughts and missing pieces. My life had become a puzzle. Unfortunately, all of the pieces weren’t there to put the puzzle back together.

My life began the day I died… Wait, let me rephrase, my life as I know it began five days after I died.


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