Unbearable Passion by Scarlett Avery

I never imagined I’d be forced in this position, but I really don’t have a choice after my financial fiasco. I really can only blame myself for taking on that weasel, Brad Keller, as a partner.

I desperately need the money and I’m willing to contemplate the unimaginable at this point … I just hope my first paying client is well, decent.

As I approach him, I notice the unlit cigar sitting in a cognac glass in front of him and my heart skips a beat when he turns to look at me. As nervous as I’ve been all day long anticipating this encounter, I’m relieved and excited to see that Bryce Van Der Linden is absolutely breathtakingly stunning.

* * *

Sofia Herrera’s fall from grace is threatening to cause her to lose everything she owns—including her dignity.

After getting fired from a waitressing job because a drunken patron groped her and she responded by slamming a tray on his head, she has no other choice but to consider the unthinkable—a new career as a high-priced escort.

On a warm summer night in Midtown Manhattan, Sofia meets the dangerously sexy and filthy rich Billionaire Bryce Van Der Liden.

A formal and slightly boring gala turns into a passionate erotic romance that shakes Sofia’s world to the core.

Bryce Van Der Liden can have any woman he wants, but he chooses Sofia and he ignites a naughty romance that takes Sofia’s body and senses to unprecedented levels.

She willingly gives in to sexy Bryce’s fantasies and he responds passionately to the fact that Sofia is ready to satisfy all of his sexual desires.

The Author:

My name is Scarlett and I’m an Erotic Romance author! You can say, I love all things sexy!

That’s why I’m so determined toBring Sexy Back in the life of women!

So many of you are overtired, overstressed and overburdened.

You’re juggling so many responsibilities and your thoughts often belong to someone else – i.e., kids, husbands, parents, siblings, friends, pets and the list goes on.

My erotic romance novels and billionaire romance series are books that allow you to unleash the sexy siren hiding inside you and I obviously wanted that same philosophy to be reflected on this blog!

Each week I share a lot of sexy, sizzling and sultry content to spark things up in your life when you’re not taking care of everyone one else in your life.

****Before I go any further, I want to point out that I write for an adult audience and the content on this site is also for adults. If you’re not 18 yet, come back when you’re older****


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