Sold by Nikki Faye


All my life I wanted to belong.
I wanted to get away from my drunken mother.
And my asshole of a father.
I've lived a privileged life, one that I've tried to hide from.
All it has gotten me is heartache.
I left on a trip to find myself.
Instead I was taken, blindfolded, beaten, and sold.
My story doesn't end there.
Now I belong.
To him.
He says he will own me, own my body, soul and mind.
This is my story. It isn't a fairy tale. It's the fucked up mess of my life, and the man who owns me. He has demons of his own that he fights. He lives a privileged life but it wasn't always that way. He's been living in his own hell. And I've introduced him into mine. He says he's broken. I am the piece to his puzzle. The puzzle that is his life.
I won’t give up without a fight. I won’t give in.
I want my freedom, I want my life.
What if I come to discover that what I've been searching for is him? He can heal my soul, fill me, break me and make me new again. He is my true Nightmare. I don't need to sleep to see him.

My name is Chase. I have been watching and waiting for this day for over seven years. Since my father was murdered my life was surrounded by her. I took comfort in the fact that soon I would be able to make him hurt just as he has hurt me. I would be able to make him beg as I begged him all those years ago when he was standing behind my dad with a gun to his head.

I was a young man then. I hadn't decided what I wanted to do with my life yet. I didn't know where I wanted to go, but I did want to go. I wanted to escape. But watching my father as he was murdered before my eyes changed everything. Now I am motivated by revenge. I was out to make him pay. He would pay through her.

I would make her my slave. She would pay the sins that her father Michael James Lippman committed. She would bow to my will. She would do whatever I ask of her. I planned on using her until she was broken beyond repair.

I planned on breaking her and then tossing her out to hurt him even more. To pour more salt in his wounds. What I hadn't planned on was falling irrevocably and madly in love with her. I hadn't planned on her changing everything, but she did. I found my escape; in her. 


I look at the room that has housed me during my terrible childhood. I can’t help but feel sorrowful at the life lost here. I had been innocent during the entire situation, but I was the one to suffer the most. 

Sure mom says she suffered; she suffered so much she drank an entire handle of Jack. And then some. I suffered from my life lost, from the separation of my parents, from losing my mother. 

Sure she’s still here; her passed out snoring form on the couch shows me that. But she left, mentally, a long time ago. I have just been a ‘job’ for her. Something she felt obligated to. 

In the eighteen years I’ve lived here I’ve never felt her love. I’ve felt her hate, her anger, and her rage, but never her love. 

I can’t help but long for it, long to feel a mothers embrace. I shake my head as the tears slide down my cheeks. Stupid childish dreams. I’ve put those away to move on with my life, to move to my Father’s and begin anew. 

I thought once I left mom’s my hell would be over. It hadn’t even begun. 

Contains sex trafficking, abuse, and other subject matter. If such material offends you please don't buy this book.

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